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OMFG What's Wrong With Me?!???!!?

For the list of albums, I have since voted Metallica off the island and it shall now be replaced with

Viva la Cobra - Cobra Starship

I cannot BELIEVE I forgot them!!!! Bad fangirl!  JFC Gabriel please forgive me!!!!!

I also forgot to mention my New Year's resolutions.  There are two:

1. Stand up straighter
2. Stop being so judgemental

And they rode on in the friscalating dusklight.
william beckett
To take a page from this

Here is my 2008 top five (in no particular order):

1.  Seeing MCR live at the Electric Factory
2. Obama being elected our next President
3. Our new apartment
4. The Phillies winning the World Series
5. Princess Fuzzy Munchkin

Here is my top ten 2008 album list (same):

1. Pretty.Odd. - Panic
2. Only the Night - Kings of Leon
3. Oracular Spectacular - MGMT
4. Year of the Gentleman - Ne-Yo
5. The Fame - Lady Gaga
6. Funhouse - Pink
7. I Am . . . Sasha Fierce - Beyonce
8. Folie A Deux - FOB
9. Santogold - Santogold
10. Death Magnetic - Metallica  Viva la Cobra - Cobra Starship

What else?

My NYE plans sound wicked snotty to me for some reason.  They consist of having a late dinner at Davios with about 7 other marrieds.  I'm not excited about the meal because I usually only go to this restaurant when I have to find somewhere for a business lunch, but the food is always decent and it is a price fixe meal, so there is hope.  I just have no idea what to wear because these marrieds are more like Brooks Brothers than Punk Rock. 

(See what I mean?)

My girl just called.  She wants me to come over so we can have an afternoon tea party Royal Tennebaums style.  We're gonna totally geek out over teacups and then maybe have a dance off.

Dear 2008:

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

No love,


Let It Snow!
its dita baby

(Here’s a post done when I was at my parents on my laptop during Xmas Eve, but was unable to get intenet access, so I just typed it in Word for future reference!):


My catty uncle, that everyone hates (that I don’t) says right before a group pic “I hope you age as well as my wife” (who’s gorgeous). Really? You’re gonna be so superficial? To me one of your most loved nieces? How disappointing.


Another story?  Mr. Philly was talking to my Grandpa at the nursing home today and was super nervous.  So when Mr. Philly started talking about what time we went to bed the night before (it being extremely early) he said it was 9! They all said 9?  He said, “Yes, 9 in the Afternoon!” Ha, my boy felt the Panic Effect out loud.  We shared a laugh and a fist bump and no one got it.


Yesterday, we all RIPPED on my sis because she was slightly overserved and proceeded to drop a big dollop of mashed potatoes in my red wine.  The yearly extra-classy bottle of  wine that my boss buys me every year.  I told her I couldn’t wait to tell him of such a hilarious feat back when I got to the office (he appreciates a good tale).  Of course, my life being what it is, I had the opportunity to top the story when 5 minutes later, in an attempt to take a pic, I dropped MY CAMERA in the whole container of mashed potatoes!!!!!! LOLZ abound!


Finally, Mr. Philly and I have been separated this week because my ‘rents have 2 extra bedrooms, but both with only twin beds.  So we’ve slept in entirely different rooms!  My bed is like a cloud, super soft, layered with quilts and blankets and pillows, in the chilly, far right wing, dark, forest-covered end of the property, with snow falling all around.  Pure heaven to me!


I am afeared that if it had internet access, I would never leave!!!!!

Ok - Now back to present-day.  Are you KIDDING me with this Eagles game? Fucking A I love football.

Good Choy and Rear Everyone!

Alrighty, I'm off to the wilds of Upstate NY where there is apparently tons of snow and only dial up. 

But I've got Day Watch, Live in Chicago and 3 long-ass fics saved on my desktop.  Hopefully that will be enough to tide me over til Sunday!

I don't know if/when I'll be able to read the fic, my family's a bunch of nosy motherfuckers. 

Before I go, here's an oldie but a goodie to get you in the spirit:

Hi boys! Hi!  I miss you!

I posted this last year (maybe a new tradition?) and had to go WAY back to my archive to find it. Awwww, I love reading my old posts! 

*snuggles teh interwebs*

Okay, now I really have to go and get ready to catch my train to go to the second biggest shopping mall in the country to finish my Xmas shopping. 

It should be . . . interesting! 


Princess Fuzzy Snuggle Munchkin
its dita baby
Let's see:

Coffee? Check.

Doggie? Check.

Sweatpants? Check.

Laptop? Check.

No workdays til NEXT MONDAY?  Chiggity-check.


Mr. Philly's so funny, ya'll!  He's like, what are you doing on your first day off? Shopping? Cleaning? Packing? What? 

I'm not doing a DAMN thing today.  Its fucking glorious!

Oh, also?  My stepmother-in-law is the best in the world because she got me Panic in Chicago for Xmas! (we celebrated w/them this weekend since they are off to Baton Rouge and us to the 'cuse for actual Xmas). 

I watched the DVD yesterday, it is so beautiful!  Also, every time the camera man was in Spencer V Smith's face and he smiled, I automatically smiled back like the smitten kitten I am, it was great. 

Speaking of my favorite, I leave you with this:

Permanent Jetlag
I love how its 9:30 a.m. and I've already been in the office for 3 hours.  FAIL.

I just keep telling myself that I have to survive tomorrow and then I am on VACATION BITCHES!

I forgot to mention 3 posts ago that I finally saw Night Watch.  I loved everything about that movie.  The characters, special effects, fucked up European storyline and just the general style.  Fuck Twilight and all other vamp movies, this was one of the best I've seen in years. 

Well, it might not be AS good as Modern Vampires.  I mean, Casper Van Dien grinding all up someone on the hood of a car does pwn pretty much everything IMHO. ; )

I also downloaded some songs of the new FOB album and am in love.  I wonder if the only chance to see them this year will be at Bamboozled, which Mr. Philly has already nixed. Sniff.

Patrick Stump please to be singing to me all Xmas break.  Kthxbai.

Andy Hurley and I Have Something In Common
Back from the party in NYC and damn I'm tired!

It was so good seeing my favorite boy and girl.  Celebrate his bday and talk weddings with the bride-to-be.  Just found out I'm gonna be in the wedding too.  So excited!!!  However, nervous about the little strapless pink bridesmaid dress.  Lita and Dita are definitely gonna need some double-sided tape action so as to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions!

Seriously though, kids can't stay up past 4 a.m. anymore w/o feeling busted.  I see a early bedtime in this old lady's future! 

But jeezus does this old lady still got it.  I was getting hit on like a linebacker last nite! DAMN. 

Couple of the bday boy's friends were fucking insistent too.  I had to shoo them away a bunch of times!  Can't you see you have no chance and I'm trying to talk to my girls?   Don't be creepy! 

However, I met a Robert Pattison lookalike for a hot minute that I want to be my boyfriend.  He was rocking the crazy hair and crazy tall and so adorables. 

I was all "ILU!"  He was all "Lets run away together!" Of course, it wasn't meant to be and I had to leave him and break his little babyboy heart.  Oh wells...

Headed to the train this a.m. and passed Belleville, so you know I had to listen to MCR all the way home.  

Damn I miss them!!!!! 


Sigh.  Now I just gotta pack it back up and head BACK to the station tomorrow to go to DC for 2 days.  But I see the shiny light at the end of the tunnel, and it smells like Xmas cookies! 

Prolly TMI But Ask Me If I Care

Seriously though, yesterday was HARD dear reader.  With the crap weather, my epic hangover from the firm party and the unwelcomed visit from my Aunt Flo, it was like the perfect storm of wondering how I even got out of bed.  I wanted to just crawl back home SO BAD.  Blaaarrrgh.  

The party was, once again a mix of too much fun and innappropriateness.  God I love it.  The one guy who is always ALL over me at these things was especially hilarious.  He kept saying, I know some of your secrets, tell me one more.  You KNOW I wanted to be all "I read bandom slash on the internet daily - let me tell you what that means."  HA!  He would've freaked the fuck out, I'm sure.

Then I met these other dudes from Chitown and I was all "OMG I love that place, it has Patrick Stump!"  Then they said they didn't know who he or Fall Out Boy was.  The mind, it boggled.

Again With The Old School Romance
its dita baby

I may hate that femaies always have a tougher time of things (seeing dancing backwards in heels).

But we will always be the prettiest.

This is my fave outfit of Gin's (besides the white ballgown, of course)


Wear Your White Satin Dancing Gown
its dita baby
Watches sis of the pants and it was awesome.

archeology, stage acting, and just awesome girl fierceness.

now I'm watching Swing Time.  With Fred and Ginger?

Ginger pwns all.  Tru fax.

She does this thing with her wrist, this "I've just been swept across the dance floor" so very right.

Freddie is a true pimp also.


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